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Automated Pallet Shuttles

The future of pallet storage has arrived in New Zealand

Change the way you think about pallet storage

The stow Atlas® Automated pallet storage system consists of a number of Atlas shuttles, the specially designed stow Shuttle-rack system and the local controlling system (STC). The stow Atlas® 2D is a self-powered pallet carrier, which may transport pallets on both the rails of the storage lanes and the rails of the main lanes. The so-called crossings or intersections between the storage lanes and the main lanes are designed for a smooth transition of the stow Atlas® 2D shuttle, unloaded but also loaded.

Stow atlas 2d pallet shuttle

Stow Atlas® 2D shuttle

The stow Atlas® 2D automated pallet storage shuttle system is a deep lane storage and retrieval system. The heart of the system is a carrier able to move on either the storage lanes or on one or more main lanes. In this way the shuttle may change lanes without intervention of an operator or other transporting device. This highly efficient storage system can be applied in both semi- and fully automated warehouses.

Pallet racking Simulation & Emulation

Simulation of real-life applications. Automate-X can provide a simulation for Automated pallet storage solutions and robotics. Simulators are being used effectively by businesses across a range of manufacturing industries. We can simulate your Industrial process, productions lines, manufacturing lines, robotics and mobile robotics.

Automated pallet racking simulation - Robot simulation

Warehouse Control System

Co-ordination and optimisation are central to a WCS. Our modular solution allows us to develop interfaces for any WMS/ERP and automation equipment, co-ordinating material flow through our mission planner database and optimisation algorithms. 

The 3D visualisation presents the data intuitively, allowing quick and accurate decision making by your operations team.

Enterprise to Control integration

Delta XY is a flexible system that can handle a variety of logistical and product management scenarios, such as order management, location management, mission sequencing, and rule-based actions based on product requirements. The system is specifically designed to address the unique needs of businesses in the distribution and warehousing industries

Industrial data acquisition

‘We’re excited to deploy Stow shuttles...’

All part of an exciting Warehouse Automation project the Automate-X team are delivering in conjunction with our partners at Southward Racking.

Our team is using an emulation of the automated pallet storage Stow shuttle system to pre-commission our Warehouse Control System before the real system arrives.

Be part of the 1st New Zealand businesses jumping on this unique automation technology!

Southward Solutions

Southward Automated Warehouse Solutions has been in business for over 25 years. They have been a trusted supplier in New Zealand, building a strong reputation for providing 'outside the square' solutions to meet our clients needs.  We are the New Zealand distributor of Stow International's products and work together with Automate-X to provide a fully automated solution.

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