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Industrial Automation Solutions

We are passionate about automation technology and its applications to industry. Engineering smart industrial solutions and solving our customers’ production, safety and efficiency challenges is what we love to do. We enjoy our work and seeing the positive impact it has on our client’s businesses.

Our Solutions

We use cutting edge software development tools to provide technologically enhanced and quality
industrial engineering solutions to our customers. We analyse and identify the areas of improvement and help develop a strategic approach for our customer’s automation journey.


3PL Automation - Davis Food Ingredients
Brewery Automation - New Zealand
Dairy Automation - Fonterra
Metro Performance Glass

Stolthaven Terminals

"We’ve found Automate-X easy to deal with and focused on industrial automation solutions. They’ve been readily available for questions and ongoing service. Not being tied to one supplier or brand means that they can provide equipment and solutions for all the different systems we have on site. 

The project and ongoing service have been enjoyable and we’d recommend Automate-X to others."

Sam Corbett, Senior Terminal Engineer

Our vision is to see industrial automation reach new heights in New Zealand, and we want to be leading that change for Industrial Automation NZ.

We are a talented and flexible team of engineers passionate about industrial automation NZ, Industry 4.0 and transforming our customers’ operations.

Automate-X Directors

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The implications of AI job automation

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