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Industrial Robotics

Leave the heavy lifting and repetitive tasks to a robot. Accurate, flexible, safe and never needing to take a break - our robotic solutions are here to unlock increased productivity.

Talk to us about how industrial robotics, cobot or AMR solution can revolutionise your operation.

Bin Picking

Selecting and handling parts is achievable with a robot. For example, random, irregular and overlapping pieces can be accurately identified with a 3D vision system and then picked by an industrial robotic manipulator.

This can be achieved with a high-speed industrial robot or a cobot collaborating with operators.

By automating the process, accuracy and consistency are improved.

Automated bin picking
Automated robotic packing


Packing is a repetitive task – ideal for a robot that doesn’t sleep!

A cobot solution is often easily integrated into an existing packing process without guarding, or a high-speed industrial robot can handle greater production demand.


Leave the heavy lifting of palletising to a robot!

Reduce the strain on employees and keep your production line running without needing to take a break. A robotic palletiser is flexible and can be programmed to handle various size products and stack patterns.

Robotic palletising
Automated industrial assembly and handing

Assembly and Handling

Improve consistency and reduce costs associated with repetitive part assembly tasks. With the design of custom end-effectors, your application can be solved with a robot.

Machine tending

Having operators tending machines such as CNC mills, lathes and presses is often the bottleneck in production capacity. A robot can be integrated to perform repetitive tasks, allowing the person to focus on higher-value activities. This increases the utilisation of those assets, unlocking existing value.

Industrial machine tending

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