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Automated Mobile Robotics & Vehicles

New Zealand manufacturing looking to cut costs and labor time using Automated vehicles. Automate-X have a range of AGV (automated guided vehicles), AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots), and Autonomous floor cleaning robots.

Change the way you optimize your logistics workflows

MiR AMRs address a range of workflows for small and mid-sized manufacturers to large manufacturing and distribution centers. MiR robots help optimize your internal logistics and take over monotone and time-consuming tasks allowing the employees to focus on more value-adding work.


Easy Programming

By simply downloading CAD files of the building directly to the robot, or programming with an intuitive web-based interface, Automate-X can get rolling quickly and deploy missions within hours. 

The industrial mobile robotics mission can be easily operated, adapted or assessed using common networked smartphone, tablet or computers. 

Automation programming
Industrial automation mobile robot simulation - AMR simulation

Industrial Automation & Robot Simulation

Simulation of real-life applications. Automate-X can provide a simulation for Industrial applications and robotics. Simulators are being used effectively by businesses across a range of manufacturing industries. We can simulate your Industrial process, productions lines, manufacturing lines, robotics and mobile robotics.

What is an AMR?

What is an AMR?Take a look as we explain what an AMR is and how it can benefit your production, logistics or manufacturing processes.

With many case studies that have ROI in under a year, AMRs is an opportunity waiting to be jumped on by early adopters in New Zealand. 

The future of cleaning

Neo 2, the Avidbots® Autonomous Cleaning Solution will change the way you think about floor scrubbing, helping you to take on the increased demand for consistent, frequent and high-quality cleaning and sanitization leaving your customers, your employees and your business with something to smile about.

Automated Cleaning Robot New Zealand
Warehouse control system

Warehouse Control System

Co-ordination and optimisation are central to a WCS. Our modular solution allows us to develop interfaces for any WMS/ERP and automation equipment, co-ordinating material flow through our mission planner database and optimisation algorithms. 

The 3D visualisation presents the data intuitively, allowing quick and accurate decision making by your operations team.

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