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Logistics Automation

Stay competitive by automating your warehouse operations.

The automation path is a journey that we travel with you as a partner. By understanding your current and future needs we offer solutions that work with your budget and give you the flexibility to adapt in the future.

Working with our partners, we can deliver turnkey warehouse logistics automation solutions including racking, shuttles, AGV, AMR, conveyoring solutions and all co-ordinated with our Warehouse Control System.

Automation brings efficiency, accuracy and traceability to logistics. Automate-X makes it happen.

Warehouse Control System

Co-ordination and optimisation are central to a WCS. Our modular solution allows us to develop interfaces for any WMS/ERP and automation equipment, co-ordinating material flow through our mission planner database and optimisation algorithms. 

The 3D visualisation presents the data intuitively, allowing quick and accurate decision making by your operations team.

Material Handling Automation

Moving goods within a warehouse is best done with automation. We work with you to apply the best technology for your application. Whether it be shuttles for high-density pallet storage, AGVs for safely moving large load, AMRs for highly dynamic environments, sortation conveyors - we partner with leading automation providers across a wide spectrum of technologies to deliver the best solution for your operation.

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