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Davis Automated Bulk Pallet Storage

The challenge

The main challenge faced by Davis food distribution company was the need for extensive warehousing to store products, which can be costly and time-consuming to manage. To overcome this challenge, Davis wanted to look at some automation options to help store products without needing large warehouses. They also needed the ability to track inventory accurately.

The Solution

The key task assigned to Automate-X was to implement a Warehouse Control System (WCS) that could efficiently manage all aspects of the system, bringing together all the information generated by the various automated technologies installed, including the Stow 2D pallet shuttles, vertical lift system, and conveyor system with a barcode scanner.

By integrating these technologies into a single control system, the WCS provided the company with real-time visibility into inventory levels and allowed for more accurate, efficient, and safe storage and retrieval of products

The Technology

The Stow 2D pallet shuttles were installed to optimise space utilisation and improve inventory management. A vertical lift system was used to move pallets between different levels within the racking. The systems were integrated with a Warehouse Control System (WCS) called Delta XY, which communicated with the customer's Warehouse Management System (WMS)


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