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Automate-X are bringing Goods-to-Person AMRs to the New Zealand market

Goods-to-Person AMR picking system - GTP

The future of autonomous warehouse picking and container delivery

What is a automated Goods-to-Person solution?

The Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) robots move containers directly to warehouse employees for order picking, enabling minimal labour, high-density storage, and goods-to-person automatic storage and retrieval (AS/RS).

The goods-to-person warehouse automation boosts your warehouse's productivity and efficiency, boosts fulfilment rates, and gives you the adaptability you need to keep up with continuing shifts in demand.

Industrial automation simulation - Robot simulation

Tote Picking AMR

Automatic and flexible material handling, material inbound and outbound to improve your logistics efficiency.

A tote-picking vehicle can work with varied carriers such as totes and cartons and is able to dock with WMS. It is also equipped with 360° anti-collision protection and auto charging function to enable it to work in complex situations.

Crate & Carton daptability

We Multiple options for caret and box delivery. Some ACR models have the ability to use double deep crates on shelfs further reducing aisle area by 50% and increasing storage density.

3d Vision recognition system supports carton picking, compatable with multiple-size cases and can adapt if a location cant be scanned used the QR code.

The width of cartons can also be scanned for flexible pick and place situations. 

AGV Industrial automated guided vehicles NZ

Industrial Automation & Robot Simulation

Simulation of real-life applications. Automate-X can provide a simulation for Industrial applications and robotics. Simulators are being used effectively by businesses across a range of manufacturing industries. We can simulate your Industrial process, productions lines, manufacturing lines, robotics and mobile robotics.

WES Software Platform

Multi-agent scheduling and task management platform system. It supports both cloud and local deployment, simultaneously prepossessing path planning, traffic management, task allocation, capacity optimization, safety emergency stops, and other tasks of large-scale mobile robot cluster, in real-time with high concurrency and reliability.

Goods-to-Person AMR
AGV Industrial automated guided vehicles NZ

Dedicated mobile robotics team

We have a dedicated team in New Zealand which focuses on Mobile Industrial Robotics. Our Automate-X mobile robotics division is working on a variety of autonomous and mobile robotic technologies. All the way from AGVs & AMRs through to Goods-to-person case handling robots. We have you covered as the experts in the latest mobile technologies.

Apparel warehouse automation project

"Through this project, we see more possibilities for intelligent warehousing in the future. SF-DHL strongly supports warehouse automation."

- General Manager of FMCG/Retail business unit of SL-DHL

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