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Manufacturing Machine Vision

Project Overview - Machine Vision

Client - NIG Nutritionals Ltd

Date - 2022

Type of system - Scoop detection vision system

Control system - Beckhoff

Industry - Nutritional products manufacturing

The challenge

Nutritional products sector has some of the most rigorous quality control standards, control and visibility across the entire supply chain must be guaranteed in order to deliver top quality products.

Canned products represent a significant portion of the market and are commonly delivered to the consumer with a scooping tool.

Missing scoops are considered to be a critical issue faced by nutritional products manufacturers across New Zealand, as well as having more scoops than needed in a can. This can result in reclaims by clients and negative consumer experience and feedback.

The solution

Automate-X has developed a powerful object detection machine vision system to identify the presence of correct number of scoops inside a metal can. The system is able to identify a missing scoop and the presence of more than one.

The tech

Built using Beckhoff’s TwinCAT machine vision software, running on Beckhoff IPC and using Balluff Vision hardware components.

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