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Agritech General Automation

Project Overview - Agritech Automation

Client - PPP Industries

Date - 2021

Type of system - General Automation

Control system - Turck/Codesys

Industry - Agritech (Farming/Dairy)

The challenge

Standard blanket feeding where every cow gets the same amount of feed is not optimal.

The solution

Automate-X developed an agritech automationfeeding system that uses animal RFID identification to deliver feed for individual animals according to recipes set by farmers. A single PLC is mounted on the feeder to control all the machine functionalities including movement, feeding, re-filling and RFID reading. The feeder is accompanied by a user-friendly HMI screen allowing the farmer to view, modify and implement various functionalities.

By implementing EID feeding, farmers can select different groups and target these groups with different feed amounts and/or different types of feed to optimise yield and herd growth.

The tech

Turck Rugged IP67 rated PLC mounted on the moving part of the machine. Turck HMI for operator interface. The machine was programmed using Codesys.

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